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I figured since my body almost NEVER stays the same size … I’d give up on shopping for NEW clothes altogether and try my hand at THRIFTING. LoL.  I mean it’s for a good cause, the money I spend at these places go to different charities soooo win win ?

The jacket was …. I’m ashamed to say … was $29 but it goes towards a good cause… Right?  :) anddd it’s Polo and in a like new condition so I can’t really complain.

Brooks Brothers tie was $2

Brooks Brothers wool pants were both around $5 or $6 bucks a piece and still in very good condition.  One pair fits a LITTLE too tight around the waist and the other is a LITTLE too big around the waist… but nothing my tailor can’t fix :).

The Charles Tyrwhitt shirt was like $6 and some change, can’t really remember.  Those shirts typically go for around $45 from what I’ve seen. 

So BAM!  It doesn’t really pay to shop and pay full retail price for clothing for myself … I won’t be able to fit it later on down the road so why waste $$$?  Of course I could just give up training in the gym altogether …  NOTTTTT.

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